Last week during the October holidays we were able to take two groups on fun trips out!

Firstly members of the Clydebank Roma community had a fun and educational day out at the Sea Life centre at Loch Lomond. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about different sea creatures, as well as the impact of pollutants on our environment. One of our sessional workers summed up the learning by saying -

"The world is beautiful. People destroy it with various pollutants and rubbish, the water and world is beautiful and we must not litter in it because there are small animals in it, like fish and turtles - we must protect them."

Meanwhile back in Glasgow our Project Coordinator David took a group of young people to enjoy the new superhero film 'Black Adam' and some fun games of bowling!

David with some of the young people at the bowling

We are so happy when we get to facilitate these kinds of trips, and we wish we could do it more!

Currently we are fundraising to be able to buy as many local Roma children as possible a gift this Christmas to celebrate St Nicholas Day, an eastern European tradition. Alongside the disproportionate levels of poverty experienced within the communities, we are deeply concerned that the cost of living crisis will further affect many family's ability to afford gifts this year. If you are able to, your donation would be hugely appreciated, and you can donate via the link here -