Apply to become a Community Catalyst – a change maker and leader in your community!



Open to young Roma people aged 16 - 24

We’re delighted to be able to bring you a paid learning opportunity to learn more about your rights and how to build community power!


The programme will take place over one afternoon every week, paid at £10 per hour. The programme is all about building community power, resistance, learning about human rights and how to win better rights and opportunities for your community. There will be fun activities in every session, and you will learn more about your rights, whilst hearing about inspiring successful movements and struggles that resulted in communities winning! You will also get the opportunity to learn new skills in an area you are interested in, from filmmaking, to photography, to game design!


This opportunity is open to all Roma young people aged 16-24 years old. If you need any help with your application, or you have any questions, please email us at, or call 0141 433 2999.

You can apply online,or via a paper application which you can pick up at the Govanhill Baths Community Trust offices at 126 Calder Street. Applications are due by 5pm on Monday the 31st of January.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Illustration is of our Project Coordinator Rahela Cirpaci, by Alexandre De Maio