Well, we've just about  recovered from the amazing evening on Saturday, where we launched The Roma Cultural Centre!  

We wanted to hold off until we received the amazing photographs of the night - we're delighted to share some with you now.

We had an amazing time welcoming the community in to the space and celebrating the  opening of a space dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage and culture of Roma people, as well as being a place that Roma can call their own and feel at home.

We want to thank everyone who attended the night, as well as everyone who has made the building the fantastic place it now is, you all know who you are and we couldn't of done it without you.

A special thanks to our founder Marcela Adamova for flying all the way from Brussels to attend and deliver a amazing speech, Turner-prize nominated Romani artist Delaine Le Bas also for saying a few words and offering your solidarity - we would encourage everyone to attend her headline exhibition show at Tramway, starting on the 7th of June as part of Glasgow International festival.

Thank you so much to Leon from Community Renewal: Rom Romeha for delivering such a beautiful impromptu speech, and to Community Catalyst Adela for giving such a brilliant introduction to the short film made by the Catalysts!

To Sonia and everyone at Romane Cierhenia for describing their beautiful family history that is part of the community archive, as well as putting on an incredible music and dancing show. We were especially moved by the absolutely incredible rendition of 'Bella Ciao', which had everyone up on their feet and dancing away!

Our founder Marcela with Delaine Le Bas

Photos by Dumi Visuals