We were delighted to present our first-ever short fiction film, April 17th. April 17th is the first fiction film produced by Roma youth in Govanhill (and, to our knowledge, by Roma in Scotland). Commissioned as part of the Govanhill Baths’ Culture Collective community artists-in-residency programme, it is the product of intensive collaboration between five young Roma women (aged 14-15) from Romano Lav and two local filmmakers, Meray Diner and Ciarán Pasi.

behind the scenes of April 17th

The film was premiered at our evening of Roma short films programmed in collaboration with GAMIS (Glasgow Artists Moving Image Studio) as part of the Govanhill International Festival and Carnival 2022.

The event took place on Friday the 12th of August 2022  at the recently established New Phoenix Cinema (formerly a furniture store) on Niddrie Road. Along with three other specially selected films, April 17th played to a sold out crowd, with joyful cheers, laughter and raucous applause steadily punctuating the air.

As the credits rolled, the crowd erupted and the cast and crew all took a bow.

After the screening, we hosted a lively drinks reception along with Greater Govanhill who had launched 'Fonds', an exhibition of photographs detailing objects that Govanhillians hold dear. As in typical Romano Lav fashion, a dance party kicked off and a wonderful time was had by all.

A huge thank you to GAMIS for collaborating with us on the event, and to the Govanhill Baths Culture Collective programme for funding the project.

You can read more about the project here - New film by Roma teens challenges racist stereotypes in Govanhill | Glasgow Times