Exciting plans are well underway for our Community Catalyst programme this year!

As part of their training to co-deliver rights-based training to a new group, the young people took part in a Radical Pedagogy half-day workshop facilitated by Amy from Cat’s Cradle a charity focusing on workers education and cultural organising.

The workshop was incredible, and covered so much, including;

-Collective learning

-Anti-individualism and anti-competition

-Why students break rules

-Novelty, invention and imagination

-The ‘banking model’ of education

-Freedom to be wrong - mistakes and questions

These concepts and more were explored through exercises and games that can then be re-purposed when it comes to planning the lessons for the new catalysts.

What really worked about the workshop was everyone learned and problem solved together - both young people and the older co-facilitators. It was such a positive and inspiring experience! Thank you to all that took part, and especially to Amy for delivering such a great and important session.

With thanks to our funders @coop_foundation and Inspiring Scotland for their support!