We're absolutely delighted to be bringing back CineRoma, the UK's first Roma Film Festival - this time alongside GAMIS.

The first CineRoma was co-created alongside the wonderful Southside Film Festival, who worked with a group of Roma youth to  programme the festival as well as film 'living trailers' for each film.

This year, the GAMIS (now known as Offline) team have worked with a new group of young people to co-curate an outstanding programme of films, with a particular focus on films made by Roma directors, and Roma female directors in particular.

Carmen, No Fear of Freedom

The young people have done an amazing job of curating, with strong, bold themes of Romani feminism and political activism strongly featuring.

As well as curating, the young people have also co-created a short documentary film with local filmmaker Meray Diner, which will open the festival! Their film, as well as the festival, follows on from their rights-based training and work completed in our Community Catalyst programme, focusing on human rights issues and learning to stand up for your rights. A huge well done to the young people for putting their knowledge into action and producing two incredible outputs!

Citizen Miko

CineRoma 2.0 will take place over the weekend of the 12th-14th of April, with screenings, workshops, and some great food and music too of course!

The first two screenings have been announced, find out more here;



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