Every December we celebrate St Nicholas Day with Roma families and their children in Govanhill. We celebrate every year with music, dancing, games, face-painting and a gift for each child from Santa. Last year we were unable to do so due to the pandemic but we did arrange for a ‘socially-distanced Santa’ to visit the children at their homes to deliver presents. We will be doing this again this year to maximise the amount of gifts we can buy so as many children as possible can get a gift.

The continued celebration of these traditions help to preserve cultural identity whilst fostering a sense of belonging for the community within Scotland. Many families living in this area cannot afford to buy gifts for their children or organise a Christmas evening celebration. We do not want any child not being able to afford a gift on this special day. Due to disproportionate levels of poverty within the communities, our gift-giving helps to ensure that all local Romani children receive a present.

We would like to buy for as many children as possible, and have a tried-and-tested method of delivering gifts to a large number of families. We will also be working with Annette Street Primary School this year to deliver the gifts to the school children.

Each gift bundle will cost £5-£6 (but we will be delighted with any amount that you can offer!)

Love and solidarity from Romano Lav