astar e iag [feed the flame] is an exhibition for Gypsy, Roma, Traveller History Month - elevating the everyday of Roma life and culture and celebrating intergenerational Romani resistance.

“My testimony is for young people. Don’t leave your future to the hands of bloody fools! You must resist. You must resist the discrimination, racism, violent evictions to which the Roma and Travellers are falling victim across all of Europe. We, the old ones have lit the flame. Now, it is up to young people to feed it, make it grow, and so that we become stronger. Young people, stand up! Stay standing, and never fall to your knees!” Raymond Gurême (1925-2020), from his speech at the annual Dikh he na Bister commemorations on Roma Genocide Memorial Day at Auschwitz Birkenau, August 2 2016

To exist is to resist; astar e iag [feed the flame].

Exhibition open Saturday 25th June, 12-4, Sunday 26th June, 12-4 (43 Nithsdale Street, above the Deep End)

Some photos from the launch event (Credits - Morwenna Kearsley and Alex Popa)

Annette Street Soundhunters Collective perform
Sonia from Romane Cierhenia
Paulina and her portrait, Esma
Romane Cierhenia performs